Sea to Sea 2013 Final Report

What a journey... 3,900 miles, nine weeks from Los Angeles to New York City! 214 riders made a tremendous personal commitment to ride—and to raise financial support and awareness to fight against poverty, both domestically and around the world.

And, thousands of donors encouraged them and contributed significantly to the huge success of the transcontinental Sea to Sea ride in 2013.

On behalf of all of our colleagues, our boards of directors and the thousands of people we serve around the world, Partners Worldwide, Reformed Church of America Global Missions and World Renew THANKS YOU! You have done a marvelous thing!

THANK YOU, thank you very much.

We are excited to announce that after all tour expenses have been paid, the 2013 Sea to Sea Tour raised a total of $917,118...praise God!  This would not have happened without riders, volunteers and financial contributors. We praise God for the way He worked in and through so one of you to help lift more people out of poverty through this very special bike tour.

Here's a brief breakdown of the tour financials:

  • Total Amount Raised: $1,804,631
  • Total Tour Expenses: $887,512
  • Net Revenue Distributed to Poverty Causes: $917,118

And here is how the remaining funds have been distributed:

The three sponsoring organizations are eager for you to consider ongoing involvement in more of our efforts around the world. We would encourage you to take a look at our websites and consider how you could further involve yourself in our work. The needs are great and the work continues. Consider how you can continue to help. It could change your life—and the lives of so many more!

We are confident that all of the funds raised through Sea to Sea 2013 will make a direct impact in helping people to lift themselves out of poverty through programs, projects and initiatives around the world. We are deeply grateful for you and your financial commitment to make this event a huge success. Both the funds raised and the increased awareness of the problem of poverty that the tour accomplished are measures of the success of the effort. And now the disbursed funds will be applied to projects affecting thousands of people around the world!

None of this would have been possible without God's leading in the lives of 214 riders—and the financial support of literally thousands of friends and family –all committed to responding to the needs of the world. THANK YOU.

Watch this site for announcements about the next Sea to Sea events soon—and another transcontinental ride in just a few short years!

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