In 2015 Sea to Sea cycles to end poverty by looking back to remember our 10 years and looking forward with our first ever one week tour, testing new routes and new ways to conduct those tours.

Sea to Sea East

Starting and ending at Redeemer University College in Ancaster, Ontario. The first day of riding starts on June 29 and the last day of riding is July 4.

Day 1 - Redeemer University College to Niagara Falls

Day 2 - Niagara Falls to Dunnville

Day 3 - Dunnville to Brantford

Day 4 - Brantford to Guelph

Day 5 - Guelph to Woodbridge

Day 6 - Woodbridge to Redeemer University College

Sea to Sea West

A ten-day ride from Jasper, Alberta to Glacier National Park, Montana. The first day of riding is Thursday July 30 and the last day of riding is Saturday August 8.

Day 1 - Jasper to Columbia Icefeilds

Day 2 - Columbia Icefeilds to Waterfowl Lakes

Day 3 - Waterfowl Lakes to Johnston Canyon

Day 4 - Rest Day

Day 5 - Johnston Canyon to Radium Hot Springs

Day 6 - Radium Hot Springs to Wasa Lake

Day 7 - Wasa Lake to Kikomun Creek

Day 8 - Kikomun Creek to Dickey Lake

Day 9 - Dickey Lake to Glacier West

Day 10 - Glacier West to St. Mary Lake